Divorce Lawyer in Gurgaon

Divorce Lawyer in Gurgaon

We are Family Lawyers, with exposure in all aspects of divorce law. We represent our clients through all stages of family disputes & Divorce proceedings, from inception through trial or settlement.

Our first approach is towards settlement & we encourage our clients to foresee the end result of the issue/dispute in hand, at the same time understanding & minimizing the emotional impact of separation & divorce. In the event a reasonable settlement is not possible sue to difference between parties to dispute we represent our clients in courts to ensure that their best interests and rights are protected.These days representing clients in family disputes has become complex as a good lawyer has to understand emotional aspect along with protecting best interests of clients. We offer best legal solutions & options to our clients and double up as counsellors and legal advisers in the best interests of our clients.

We have represented our clients in all sort of Family Law matters including but not limited to Divorce by Mutual Consent, Contested Divorce, Foreign Divorce, Annulment of Marriage, 498-A & allied Criminal cases, Child & Spouse Maintenance, Maintenance matters, Domestic Violence, Restrain orders, Residence orders, Custody of Children, Property rights & Joint Property division, Restitution of Conjugal rights, Judicial Separation, Mediation Proceedings and all other related issues.

We try to develop alternatives to the traditional litigation as a means to resolving Matrimonial disputes amicably & gracefully in dignified manner, since, emotional damage caused by divorce, separation & allied proceedings can be prevented and at times reversed, if couples receive right guidance to understand all options available to them. When children are involved things become complicated and it is important for couples to communicate with each other and at times through us, to resolve conflict in respectful manner. We listen, understand our client's needs and expectations and accordingly advice & provide best legal solutions through our expertise and experience to take them out of traumatic situations they are going through.

You may contact us with your queries on below mentioned address :

Advocate Vivek Nasa , Chamber no 11, Second Floor, Lawyers Chamber Block A

Gurgaon District Court, Gurgaon 122001. Haryana INDIA

Phone : +91-9811896536.

Email : info@viveknasa.com,