Business Law


Vivek Nasa Associates specialize in business law. We help our clients navigate the complex world of commerce, whether they are starting a new business, negotiating a contract, or dealing with regulatory compliance. We have a wide range of skills and expertise to strategically and creatively to help our clients achieve their goals.


We deal with the legal aspects of forming, operating, and dissolving a corporation, issues related to corporate governance, such as board structure, shareholder rights etc. We help our clients in documentation related to raising capital, either through equity or debt, as well as mergers and acquisitions, and corporate restructuring. We draft, review  and negotiate contracts for our Clients, and resolve disputes that may arise from such contracts, be it through Mutual Settlement, Arbitration, or commercial Court litigation. We have thorough understanding of the principles of contract law, as well as the specific legal requirements that apply to different types of contracts.


We also specialize in Intellectual property law. We have a team of Patent Attorneys and Trademark Attorneys, who not only are seasoned professionals to file Patent and Trademark applications but also have expertise to deal with litigation, enforcement, protection, and monetization of Intellectual property. Patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets are valuable assets that every business must protect in order to maintain their competitive edge. We have deep understanding of intellectual property law and have the ability to our clients develop strategies for protecting their intellectual property and enforcing their rights when necessary.


Our team has broad range of skills and expertise that are essential for legal compliance of every Business. Our team members have strong analytical skills, excellent written and oral communication skills, and the ability to think creatively and strategically. We work collaboratively with clients, In House counsels, and other stakeholders, and can adapt quickly to changing circumstances and evolving legal requirements.

We help our clients achieve their goals and succeed in the marketplace, whether it is a small startup or a large multinational corporation, we provide expert legal advice and support that allows our clients to thrive in a highly competitive environment. With the right combination of knowledge, expertise, and skill, We help your clients navigate the complex and challenging world to achieve success.